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5 types of people can network with at EEF's National Manufacturing Conference

by Kathy Riley, Director of National Partnerships 4. December 2015 11:31


Grab your business cards. Hone your elevator pitch. It’s time to talk manufacturing and engineering with industry leaders and insiders.

EEF’s annual National Manufacturing Conference on 24 February 2016 is recognised as the must-attend event for UK manufacturing and engineering. Inspirational and high profile speakers as well as a larger-than-ever exhibition hall draw hundreds of industry delegates (and, therefore, networking opportunities).

Here are five types of people that will be out in full force at #EEF2016:


Senior Manufacturing Execs


Unlike many other business and industry conferences, EEF’s National Manufacturing Conference really does attract top-level management. This is because the conference tackles the big picture policy and leadership issues that directly appeal to this audience. For one day a year, these leaders are all together in one building. Take the opportunity to meet and network with the people who have the power to make decisions.


Senior Civil Servants


The EEF policy team’s close connections with civil servants and policymakers ensures many of these connections will be at the conference as speakers and delegates. If you’re looking to get the attention of the leaders who work on business-related policy, seeing them speak or even talking to them at the conference is a good start. 


Trade Show Exhibitors


You never know who you’ll meet at the ever-expanding exhibition hall. And, course, EEF will have its own booth, staffed with experts in HR, training, HSCE, productivity, management, and policy. Come by – we dare you to try and stump them with your toughest, most persistent manufacturing or business question!


Policy Experts


EEF’s policy experts author industry-leading research reports and campaign on behalf of UK manufacturing. Many of our top experts will be on hand at the conference to chat with delegates. Keep an eye out for them, or pop by EEF’s own booth, to talk manufacturing and policy.

As EEF stays abreast of key business and industry policy, best practices, and news (often shaping them through campaigning and committee work), our experts can provide insider guidance and advice.


Practitioners and Peers 


The impressive speaker line up isn’t your only opportunity to learn. Often chatting with peers facing the same day-to-day challenges is the best way to take home some tips and tricks. From CEOs to finance directors, there are so many professionals you’ll want to meet and collaborate with in the future.

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