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Manufacturers need to make changes to meet the challenges ahead

Today's guest blog is from Ian Isaac, Head of Lombard



As we approach the EEF National Manufacturing Conference next month it is against a backdrop of inescapable change for UK industry. The rapid advances in technology, globalisation and growing digitalisation have created a new environment for manufacturing. It’s one that sees both opportunities and challenges across every aspect of the manufacturing sector.


We believe the UK is well placed to step up to the opportunity to create a globally competitive industry but this relies on manufacturers making the changes needed to meet the challenges ahead. In recognition of this and as part of NatWest, we’ve undertaken an extensive consultation exercise talking directly to manufacturers and key industry influencers in the sector to gain deep insight and understanding of what’s required, and how we can work together to make this happen. Our findings will be published at the Conference and will reflect on how we can work together to help you become ‘future fit’. 


Tackling productivity and winning globally are the key themes for this year’s event which will play key roles in delivering success. This means that investment in your future continues to be important. In my role as Head of Lombard, I want our team to work closely with you to help find the funding that will keep them at the forefront of this productivity drive. We want to make sure that UK manufacturing as a whole is able to make the most of its potential.


At Lombard and NatWest we’re fully committed to continuing to work with you to explore how we can support the sector through this period of change. Our focus is on making sure that we’re all future fit for the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

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