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In addition to the main plenary sessions, the Conference programme will feature five B2B workshops.

These workshops will give you key takeaways to help minimise potential risk and take advantage of the opportunities arising in the changing market. Select your workshops when you register for the Conference - limited places, so don't delay!


Delegate Documents

GenZ workshop - Make UK Schools Engagement Brochure

GenZ workshop - Feedback and Summary

Inspiring Great Leadership workshop - Slides

Tackling Trade workshop - Commodity Tariff Codes

Tackling Trade workshop - Export Declaration

Tackling Trade workshop - Scenario Outline

Tackling Trade workshop - UK tariff codes

UK Steel workshop - Slides





Are you Brexit ready? Leaving the EU will turn trade on it’s head.  From trade and tariffs to VAT and Customs, EU traders face a steep learning curve if they are to thrive and survive the challenges Brexit brings. This interactive workshop will give delegates access to a team of experts who will mentor them through the importing and exporting journey post-Brexit, using practical examples.

Attracting the next generation of talent, with the right skills has long been a challenge for manufacturers. This interactive session will task delegates, placed in teams, with putting together a blueprint for attracting the next generation for their business and the opportunity to then test it with apprentices and graduates on the day.

Delegates will also to hear from our guest speaker, Peter Tack, MD, Lander Automotive on the importance of attracting the next generation and how to do it.

The UK’s manufacturing businesses face the greatest technology driven change ever in their history.  This session will examine the nature of these key issues and highlight what companies should be thinking about and doing to prepare themselves. Hear from industry peers that are already driving change in their industries.

What do all great organisations have in common? They all have inspirational leaders and great managers. And to what does great leadership and management lead to? Increased productivity.

Yet, in the UK we have 2.4 million accidental managers, leaving us behind our global competitors when it comes to leadership and management skills.

To get things back on track, we must turn these accidental managers into conscious leaders who can inspire those around them.

This workshop will provide delegates with different perspectives on how producing the best leaders and managers can drive productivity and ensure that UK companies can compete on the global stage.

Morning Session: The Need for a Level Playing Field

The estimated ‘electricity price disparity’ cost to the sector in 2016 stood at some £51 million, the equivalent of 4.3% of the sector’s total GVA and had a significant impact on EBITDA margins. Action on the electricity price disparity will protect jobs, increase investment, and increase the value of the steel sector, the supply chains it supports, manufacturing and UK PLC.

Afternoon Session: Can Public Projects Boost Manufacturing?

In 2017, public infrastructure projects amounted to 14% of UK GDP and the National Infrastructure Pipeline is worth £600 billion. Government procurement guidelines could offer the UK foundation sectors support if properly administered. But do they go far enough, and could they go further?

Considering new export markets? The UK leaving the EU will challenge businesses to find new export markets and to strengthen existing relationships with customers in Europe. This panel workshop will bring together UK and international experience to look emerging trade opportunities. Join this workshop to get access to the support you need and tips to help you achieve global success.




• The workshops repeat after lunch meaning each delegate gets to attend 2.

• Spaces will be limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Please rank in order of preference and while we will do our best to assign you to two of your preferred workshop choices we cannot guarantee.

• Your allocated workshops will be confirmed prior to the conference and your personalised agenda will be available on the Conference Mobile App.

• We recommend early registration to increase your chances of being allocated your workshops of choice!

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Enjoy the benefits of being part of the leading manufacturing industry trade organisation.

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